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Volume 0, Number 0, September 2022

This study compares various ways of calculating flows for the problems with the presence of shock waves by first-order schemes and higher-order DG method on the tests from the Quirk list, namely: Quirk's problem and its modifications, shock wave diffraction at a 90 degree corner, the problem of double Mach reflection. It is shown that the use of HLLC and Godunov's numerical schemes flows in calculations can lead to instability, the Rusanov-Lax-Friedrichs scheme flow can lead to high dissipation of the solution. The most universal in heavy production calculations are hybrid schemes flows, which allow the suppression of the development of instability and conserve the accuracy of the method.

Key Words
discontinuous Galerkin method; hypersonic gas dynamics; numerical flow

Mikhail M. Krasnov, Marina E. Ladonkina, Olga A. Nekliudova and Vladimir F. Tishkin: Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of RAS, Moscow, 125047, Russia

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