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Structural Monitoring and Maintenance   Volume 5, Number 2, June 2018, pages 273-295
Sensor clustering technique for practical structural monitoring and maintenance
Ozan Celik, Thomas Terrell, Mustafa Gul and F. Necati Catbas

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    In this study, an investigation of a damage detection methodology for global condition assessment is presented. A particular emphasis is put on the utilization of wireless sensors for more practical, less time consuming, less expensive and safer monitoring and eventually maintenance purposes. Wireless sensors are deployed with a sensor roving technique to maintain a dense sensor field yet requiring fewer sensors. The time series analysis method called ARX models (Auto-Regressive models with eXogeneous input) for different sensor clusters is implemented for the exploration of artificially induced damage and their locations. The performance of the technique is verified by making use of the data sets acquired from a 4-span bridge-type steel structure in a controlled laboratory environment. In that, the free response vibration data of the structure for a specific sensor cluster is measured by both wired and wireless sensors and the acceleration output of each sensor is used as an input to ARX model to estimate the response of the reference channel of that cluster. Using both data types, the ARX based time series analysis method is shown to be effective for damage detection and localization along with the interpretations and conclusions.
Key Words
    structural health monitoring; damage detection; wireless sensors; ARX models; time series modeling; sensor roving; practical maintenance
Ozan Celik,Thomas Terrell and F. Necati Catbas: Department of Civil Environmental and Construction Engineering, University of Central Florida, 12800 Pegasus Drive, Orlando, FL 32816-2450, USA
Mustafa Gul: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, 7-257 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering 9211-116th Street NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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