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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 7, Number 5, May 1999, pages 503-512
Transverse vibrations of simply supported orthotropic rectangular plates with rectangular and circular cut-outs carrying an elastically mounted concentrated mass
Avalos DR, Larrondo HA, Laura PAA

Abstract     [Full Text]
    Practicing a hole or an orifice through a plate or a slab constitutes a very frequent engineering situation due to operational reasons imposed on the structural system. From a designer\'s viewpoint it is important to know the effect of this modification of the mechanical system upon its elastodynamic characteristics. The present study deals with the determination of the lower natural frequencies of the structural element described in the title of the paper using a variational approach and expressing the displacement amplitude of the plate in terms of the double Fourier series which constitutes the classical, exact solution when the structure is simply supported at its four edges.
Key Words
    simply supported, orthotropic, rectangular plates, cut-outs, elastically mounted mass, Rayleigh-Ritz, double Fourier series
Avalos DR, Univ Mar del Plata, Sch Engn, Dept Phys, RA-7600 Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Univ Mar del Plata, Sch Engn, Dept Phys, RA-7600 Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Univ Nacl Sur, Dept Engn, RA-8000 Bahia Blanca, Argentina
CONICET, Inst Appl Mech, RA-8000 Bahia Blanca, Argentina

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