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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 60, Number 3, November10 2016, pages 507-527
Cyclic behavior of extended end-plate connections with shape memory alloy bolts
Nader Fanaie and Morteza N. Monfared

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    The use of shape memory alloys (SMAs) has been seriously considered in seismic engineering due to their capabilities, such as the ability to tolerate cyclic deformations and dissipate energy. Five 3-D extended end-plate connection models have been created, including one conventional connection and four connections with Nitinol bolts of four different prestress forces. Their cyclic behaviors have been investigated using the finite element method software ANSYS. Subsequently, the moment-rotation responses of the connections have been derived by subjecting them to cyclic loading based on SAC protocol. The results obtained in this research indicate that the conventional connections show residual deformations despite their high ductility and very good energy dissipation; therefore, they cannot be repaired after loading. However, while having good energy dissipation and high ductility, the connections equipped with Nitinol bolts have good recentering capability. Moreover, a connection with the mentioned specifications has been modeled, except that only the external bolts replaced with SMA bolts and assessed for seismic loading. The suggested connection shows high ductility, medium energy dissipation and very good recentering. The main objective of this research is to concentrate the deformations caused by cyclic loading on the connection in order to form super-elastic hinge in the connection by the deformations of the shape memory alloy bolts.
Key Words
    end-plate connection; shape memory alloy; super-elastic behavior; cyclic performance; recentering
Nader Fanaie and Morteza N. Monfared: Department of Civil Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

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