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Earthquakes and Structures   Volume 4, Number 6, June 2013, pages 671-683
19th May 2011 Simav (Kütahya) earthquake and response of masonry Halil Aga Mosque
Ali Ural

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    The May 19, 2011 an earthquake hit Simav (Kütahya) province in Turkey. Simav is a district of Kütahya located 255 km southwest from capital city of Turkey. According to Turkish General Directorate of Disaster Affairs (DAD), the magnitude of this moderate earthquake was 5.7. The major percent of the housing stock in the affected region was built in masonry. Many masonry dwellings, mosques and also minarets were heavily damaged due to this seismic activity. The Halil Aga Mosque and its minaret were also heavily damaged as a masonry structure around the earthquake region. In this paper, a site survey of masonry damages is presented and Response Spectrum Analysis of the Halil Aga Mosque is performed using the finite element method.
Key Words
    structural damages; simav (Kütahya) earthquake; masonry buildings; strong ground motions
Ali Ural : Engineering Faculty, Department on Civil Engineering, Aksaray University, 68400, Aksaray, Turkey

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