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Computers and Concrete   Volume 17, Number 3, March 2016, pages 423-433
A study of the replacement of desulphurization slag for sand to ready-mixed soil materials (RMSM)
Yi-Fang Shiha, Shih-Shong Tseng, Her-Yung Wang and Chih-Ting Wei

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    After the industrial of steelmaking by-products are processed properly, they can be used in civil engineering, not only as a substitute for natural resources and to reduce costs, but also to provide environmental protection. This study used different amounts (10%, 20%, 30%, 40%,and 50%) of desulphurization slag to replace natural fine aggregates in ready-mixed soil materials, and tested the physical and fresh properties (slump, slump flow, tube flow, initial setting time, and bleeding) and hardened properties (compressive strength, ball drop, ultrasonic pulse velocity) of the materials. The variations between the performances of the materials with different mix proportions were discussed. When desulphurization slag is used in RMSM, the workability can be enhanced obviously significantly. When the replacement of desulphurization slag is 50%, the slump flow is increased by 110mm compared with the control group, and the initial setting time increases as the replacement increases, because of bleeding. When the replacement is 10% and 20%, the compressive strength at various ages is higher than that of the control group. When the replacement is 10%, the compressive strength at 7 days is higher than that of the control group by 60%, and the ultrasonic pulse velocity is proportional to the compressive strength, which increases with age and decrease as the replacement increases. An appropriate replacement can effectively accelerate construction, and allow projects to be finished ahead of schedule; therefore, an appropriate replacement, is applicable for ready-mixed soil materials.
Key Words
    industrial by-products; steelmaking slag; desulphurization slag; ready-mixed soil materials (RMSM).
Yi-Fang Shiha, Shih-Shong Tseng, Her-Yung Wang and Chih-Ting Wei:Department of Civil Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, 807, Taiwan, R.O.C

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