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Computers and Concrete   Volume 17, Number 3, March 2016, pages 353-386
Software for biaxial cyclic analysis of reinforced concrete columns
Fatemeh Shirmohammadi and Asad Esmaeily

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    Realistic assessment of the performance of reinforced concrete structural members like columns is needed for designing new structures or maintenance of the existing structural members. This assessment requires analytical capability of employing proper material models and cyclic rules and considering various load and displacement patterns. A computer application was developed to analyze the non-linear, cyclic flexural performance of reinforced concrete structural members under various types of loading paths including non-sequential variations in axial load and bi-axial cyclic load or displacement. Different monotonic material models as well as hysteresis rules, were implemented in a fiber-based moment-curvature and in turn force-deflection analysis, using proper assumptions on curvature distribution along the member, as in plastic-hinge models. Performance of the program was verified against analytical results by others, and accuracy of the analytical process and the implemented models were evaluated in comparison to the experimental results. The computer application can be used to predict the response of a member with an arbitrary cross section and various type of lateral and longitudinal reinforcement under different combinations of loading patterns in axial and bi-axial directions. On the other hand, the application can be used to examine analytical models and methods using proper experimental data.
Key Words
    reinforced concrete; cyclic behavior; force-deflection; moment-curvature; bi-axial; fiber-based, material model; computer application; windows-based
Fatemeh Shirmohammadi: Walter P Moore Associates, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Asad Esmaeily:Department of Civil Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA

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