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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science   Volume 4, Number 5, September 2017, pages 555-571
Unstructured discretisation of a non-local transition model for turbomachinery flows
Andrea Ferrero, Francesco Larocca and Verena Bernaschek

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    The description of transitional flows by means of RANS equations is sometimes based on non-local approaches which require the computation of some boundary layer properties. In this work a non-local Laminar Kinetic Energy model is used to predict transitional and separated flows. Usually the non-local term of this model is evaluated along the grid lines of a structured mesh. An alternative approach, which does not rely on grid lines, is introduced in the present work. This new approach allows the use of fully unstructured meshes. Furthermore, it reduces the grid-dependence of the predicted results. The approach is employed to study the transitional flows in the T106c turbine cascade and around a NACA0021 airfoil by means of a discontinuous Galerkin method. The local nature of the discontinuous Galerkin reconstruction is exploited to implement an adaptive algorithm which automatically refines the mesh in the most significant regions.
Key Words
    transition; laminar kinetic energy; unstructured mesh; discontinuous galerkin; adaptive mesh
Andrea Ferrero: INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest and Université de Bordeaux, Talence, France
Francesco Larocca: Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy
Verena Bernaschek: Technische Universität Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany

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