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Volume 0, Number 5, May 2019

Traffic flow capacity of some old road bridges is insufficient due to limited deck width. In such cases bridge deck widening is a common solution. For multi-girder reinforced concrete (RC) bridges it is possible to add steel-concrete composite girders as the new outermost girders. The deck widening may be combined with bridge strengthening thanks to thickening of the existing deck slab. Joint action of the existing and the added parts of such bridge span must be ensured. It refers especially to the horizontal plane at the interface of the existing slab and the added concrete layer as well as to the vertical planes at the external surfaces of the initially outermost girders where the added girders are connected to the existing bridge span. Since the distribution of the added concrete is non-uniform in the span cross-section the structure is particularly sensitive to the added concrete shrinkage. The shrinkage induces shear forces in the aforementioned planes. Widening of a 12 m long RC multi-girder bridge span is numerically analysed to assess the influence of the added concrete shrinkage. The analysis results show that: a) in the vertical plane of the connection of the added and the existing deck slab the longitudinal shear due to the shrinkage of the added concrete is comparable with the effect of live load, b) it is necessary to provide appropriate longitudinal reinforcement in the deck slab over the added girders due to tension induced by the shrinkage of the added concrete.

Key Words
bridge widening; concrete shrinkage; composite action; shear force; finite element method

Arkadiusz Madaj and Wojciech Siekierski: Institute of Civil Engineering, Poznań University of Technology, ul. Piotrowo 5, 61-138 Poznań, Poland

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